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Indiana requires drivers of any motor vehicle being operated on Indiana roadways to demonstrate financial responsibility for their motor vehicle. This includes golf cartsmotorcycles and mopeds

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There are several statutory (or 'legally acceptable') means of demonstrating financial responsibility for drivers in Indiana.

Liability insurance: The most common way to demonstrate financial responsibility for your vehicle, liability auto insurance requires the driver to purchases and maintain an auto insurance policy with an authorized and licensed auto insurance provider. The policy will be required to meet specific minimum requirements set forth by the state of Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Bonds Securities and Deposits: Drivers may also post a Duly executed bond, or a cash or security deposit in an amount equal to or greater than $40,000.00 to cover any possible future damages. 

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Liability Motorcycle Insurance: Indiana Insurance Requirements


Liability motorcycle insurance, and other liability insurance policies must meet the following coverage amounts or ‘minimum limits’ or risk their policy holders being considered ‘underinsured’.  

·         $25,000 bodily injury liability for one person in a single accident 

·         $50,000 bodily injury liability for two or more persons in a single accident 

·         $10,000 property damage liability  

These minimum auto liability insurance benefits can only be applied toward damages and costs associated with the injuries or property damage sustained by other parties in an accident. 

Remember that Indiana liability motorcycle insurance will not provide any protection from your own medical bills or motorcycle repair costs.  

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Other Coverage Options Do I Have to Buy Motorcycle Insurance?  

No, in Indiana there are several ways to prove that you are financially responsible for your vehicle. With that being said, you are obligated to prove your financial responsibility one way or another, and motorcycle liability insurance is arguably the easiest. 

By paying a self-insurance fee, any individual is allowed to assume risk for all of their actions behind the wheel directly without purchasing an auto liability policy. This is a very risky maneuver though, as just one day in the hospital can cost more than 10,000.00, and the driver or rider who posts securities, bonds or cash must pay every penny of medical bills and property damages out of  their own pocket. 


Indiana law enforcement may ask for proof of Insurance during  traffic stops, after traffic accidents and at DUI checkpoints.

In Indiana, drivers may use paper or digital proof of insurance during a traffic stop. In other words, you can use your phone to demonstrate to the police officer that you have an auto insurance policy by accessing your online auto insurance portal.


Driving Without Insurance and Lapses in Coverage

Insurance companies are also required by the authorities to notify the Indiana BMV of all insurance policy cancellationsnon-renewals, and new drivers on policies. If you make any changes to your motorcycle insurance policy, we’ll pass them on to the BMV to avoid any confusion during traffic stops.

Failure to maintain insurance could lead to the suspension of your vehicle registration and/or driver license. To reinstate these privileges, fees and future proof of financial responsibility must be filed with the Indiana BMV. The future proof requirement is most commonly an SR22 form from an insurance company which is basically a statement from the company through which you have your insurance that they will continue to provide your insurance coverage through a certain date, as long as you’re keeping up with payments. This can be expensive since SR-22 filings are expensive, and the law requires the owner to carry the SR22 policy for three years following their suspension.


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