Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance Information & Services


Pennsylvania drivers and motorcyclists are obligated to purchase and maintain liability or financial responsibility insurance at all times. Some states offer alternatives to enrolling in a liability motorcycle insurance policy to prove financial responsibility, but the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is not one of those states.


Liability Insurance: Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

The state of Pennsylvania requires at least the following levels of auto or motorcycle liability coverage. These motorcycle insurance benefits or minimum liability limits will only pay for damages resulting from bodily injury or property damage to other parties as a result of your driving. 

  • $15,000 bodily injury liability coverage to pay for injuries, medical treatment, disability and any other costs resulting from an accident you cause.
  • $30,000 bodily injury liability for injuries and treatment of two or more persons hurt in an accident you caused
  • $15,000 property damage liability coverage to pay for property destroyed or in need of repair as a result of your riding. 

Always remember that these motorcycle liability insurance limits do not provide any benefits to the rider to pay for their own medical treatment or repair costs following an accident. Liability insurance protects you, but only from being sued or arrested for lack of adequate insurance.


Do I Need Pennsylvania Motorcycle Liability Insurance

 Yes, In a word.

The state of Pennsylvania does not offer any statutory alternatives to enrollment in a motorcycle liability insurance policy as proof of financial responsibility. 

So in order to drive legally in the state, your only choice is to avail yourself of the services of an auto or motorcycle liability insurance plan. Liability insurance in the state of Pennsylvania also comes with an equal amount of uninsured/ under insured driver coverage to protect you from other people who don’t try so much to follow the law.

In order to protect your wallet from the costs of an accident and increase your number of  “qualifying events,” any competent insurance agent or lawyer would encourage you to purchase full coverage auto insurance. For more details on full coverage motorcycle insurance options like falling objects coverage, collision insurance and more please follow the links on this page or read more below.


Other Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options


  • Collision

  • Comprehensive

  • Full Coverage

  • Personal Effects

  • Uninsured/ Under Insured Motorist


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