How to Maneuver in the Rain

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating and beneficial driving experience. But when you have to ride your motorcycle in the rain, the experience may not be as satisfying. When riding in the rain, you’re completely vulnerable to the elements. There are no windshields or wipers to clear your visibility. Also, due to their size, motorcycles are less visible on the road to other drivers. Some motorcycle riders have multiple automobiles in case there is a rainy day. But if a motorcycle is your only vehicle option, then you’ll have no choice but to ride in the rain. Below, we give you some tips for safely riding in the rain.

Be Visible

Rain decreases visibility which makes it harder for other drivers to see you. Wear bright colors, or add lights and reflectors to make it easier to see you on the road.

Choose Your Gear

Be sure to wear a jacket and pants that are water-resistant or you’re going to be soaked. Also, find a helmet that covers the face because rain will be flying at you.

Check the Tires

Make sure you have good tires with enough traction to keep you from sliding in the rain. Check the tread before you ride.

Stay in the Tracks

When cars drive in the rain, their tires can displace the road of water. Tire tracks can end up being the driest part of the road. Riding in the tracks can keep your tire from sliding.

Railroad Caution

If you have to cross railroad tracks, try to ride over them as straight as possible. Metal tracks can become slippery in the rain.

Watch for Lightening

If you see lightning while you’re riding in the rain, stop driving immediately and find cover. Do not stop below trees since they can attract lightning.

Time your Braking

When you need to brake, apply more pressure to the rear wheel than usual. If your front wheel slips, you’ll lose control. If the back wheel slides, you may be able to control your bike better. Also, don’t hit your brakes hard or your bike will slide. Instead, pump your real breaks first to reduce speed and then brake hard if necessary.

Watch the Road

Many parts of the road will become slippery. Avoid white lines or your tires will slide. Also, try not to hit puddles; you may not know how deep they are. And most importantly, look out for rainbows on the road. This means that water mixed with oil or other auto fluids which makes the road even more slippery.

Leave Space

When riding in the rain, leave a good amount of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. In the rain, you will require more stopping distance; if you don’t leave yourself enough space, you may slide into the vehicle in front of you. Reduce your speed. Slow down! It’s tough to stop quicker than you normally would on dry surfaces.

Driving in the rain is extremely risky. Use these tips to make sure you are taking every precaution. Driving a motorcycle is already dangerous; riding in the rain is even more dangerous.

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