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This page is dedicated to those of us who would rather fix something old than buy something new. For the guys who think the lingering exhaust smell is almost as important as the perfect tune-up, they spent all day giving their bike. For the gals who’d rather die on a hog than live on a Vespa. 

Vintage motorcycles have been an American symbol of freedom since Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson did Easy Rider. Now more than ever these durable and elegant motorcycles fill a unique place at the intersection of the subcultures of Blues & rock’n’roll music, hot-rods, collecting, metal fabricationtravel, and vintage fashion.  

These pristine examples of motorcycle craftsmanship can cost tens of thousands of dollars in rare vintage parts and accessories as well as hours in maintenancerepairs, and custom fabrication. It only makes sense to protect your investment with the excellent custom motorcycle insurance available through

Full Coverage

Our classic motorcycle insurance policies come complete with several types of coverage that are essential to protecting your health and your hog. From the bottom of your tires to the top of your helmet (or ape-hangers; whichever is higher). 


As always, every single motorcycle insurance policy we sell meets all state personal injury and personal property liability limits. 

That means that at the very least, we can always get you the cheapest liability motorcycle insurance anywhere in as little as 10 minutes. 

Physical Damages

Collision, non-collision, and no-fault accident damages are all covered by our motorcycle insurance. 

Collision damages are any damages to the vehicle due to an impact with another vehicle, a stationary object, or an animal. Collision damages can often result in a total loss when riding a motorcycle, and with our agreed-upon valuation system that means you get the money for your bike- Period. 

Non-collision damages result from things like falling objects (both natural and man-made), windvandalism, civil disturbance, theft and many more. 

No-fault damages are physical damages caused by events like roll-overslaying the bike down, and just generally finding ways to put the rubber side up.

Helmet, Accessories, Armor & Apparel Coverage

Wearing a helmet keeps you safer whether you like it or not. So do riding suits made from Kevlarhigh impact injection molding, and other impact and torsion-resistant materials can save your life and our money. 

Because riding safely and wearing all of the proper motorcycle safety apparel is a mutual best interest for riders and insurers, we are willing to pay in full for any safety accessories, helmets, jackets, or armor damaged by an accident.

Agreed Upon Value

This is the single most important part of vintage vehicle insurance. This type of vehicle valuation system allows you to insure your motorcycle for an amount close to the price it would fetch on a real-world market. Here’s how it works: 

  1. You tell us what it’s worth
  2. We verify the estimate
  3. We both agree upon a reasonable benefit amount that is actually close to the cost of the vehicle in its current condition in a real-world market and insure it for that amount.

In most Auto insurance policies the value of the motorcycle or scooter is determined by the model year, the number of miles on it, and it’s MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) or “Kelly Blue Book,” cost.

This method of price estimation is only effective for vehicles manufactured during the last 10-20 years of production. Those vehicles tend to be commuter or family vehicles and are typically not owned for more than 15 years, and the automobile industry diligently monitors the costs of current vehicles on the market. This is not true for classic motorcycles, scooters, or other vintage vehicles.

When it comes to vehicles produced before the 1970s, the real cost of replacement can easily exceed the bike’s MSRP ( original retail price) or its ‘actual replacement value’ as estimated by the insurance company. The factors that determine the real-world value of a vintage or collectible motorcycle or scooter include, but are not limited to Original Cost of the vehicle, costs for restoration, costs of customization, and rarity of the model.

When all of the above factors are taken into consideration, it’s very easy for a classic motorcycle or scooter to be worth much more than the actual value, or more than the normal benefit amount of a standard full coverage insurance policy.

In the real world, classic motorcycle or scooter owners want agreed-upon value worked into their policy because it is the only way to positively guarantee that if something terrible happens to your baby, you receive insurance benefits that reflect the current real value of that vehicle.

Makes & Models We Cover

This list is in no way comprehensive, it only represents some brands and shops that are indicative of the bikes that would benefit from this type of coverage.

Motorcycle Brands

  • Harley Davidson

  • Indian

  • Triumph

  • Honda

  • Norton

  • BMW

  • Moto Guzzi

  • Vincent

Custom Shops

  • Big Bear Choppers

  • Big Dog Motorcycles

  • Custom Chrome

  • Harley-Davidson Choppers

  • Paul Yaffe Originals

  • SuckerPunch Sallys

  • Triumph Choppers

  • Ultima Products

  • West Coast Choppers

  • Yamaha XS650 Choppers

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage (Jerk Coverage)

This is the type of coverage you wish didn’t need to exist. There are thousands of people operating vehicles on US roadways without proper personal injury or personal property liability insurance every day. If one of them hits you, it’s possible that you could be left footing the bill for your ride and your medical bills if you’re not properly insured.  

But with the right vintage motorcycle insurance policy from any of our providers, you will be covered at every turn from any cars, trucks or SQUID riders who feel it is ok to jeopardize the well-being of everybody by driving without insurance.

Medical Benefits

All of our full coverage motorcycle insurance policies come with excellent personal injury protection which pays for hospital bills and any other medical costs associated with physical injuries sustained during a qualifying event or accident.
On a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy, if you are hurt you will be entitled to personal injury benefits regardless of who is found at-fault in a qualifying accident.
This coverage will keep your body safe from an uninsured or under-insured motorist but in order to protect your classic or vintage motorcycle and all you’ve invested in it we can include specific uninsured motorist coverage (required in some states).

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